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Attention Tax preparers:

Get the FREE Tax software that pays for itself

Are you tired being held hostage by tax software companies? Want to be free of worry about next year's season? Save an up to $3300 per year when you switch to Taxsoft 360. Don't pay a dime out of your pocket  with the tax software that pays for itself. Includes 24/7 Support by phone.

Dear fellow Tax preparer, Would you like to finally stop worrying about next year's season?

In a recent survey, the Journal of Accountancy reports that 38% to 41% of tax preparers just like you resent the price of their software. Their biggest issue is “Price, Price, Price” and “Price … again.”

It's understandable why. Tax software is mind mindbogglingly expensive. Even worse, their prices keep climbing every year! (A quick check and I saw one jack up their price $140). This means you are forced to work harder just to pay for tax return software.

And It's not like you can do without it, right? Just like a Taxi cannot be without a car, you cannot be without the software to file the returns.

And those greedy companies know you need the software, so they never really give it to you, not only you have to take out like $3300 of your own money, you also have to pay them either the same amount or some extra cost year after year, every year…forever!

Not updating your software isn't an option either. If you do not have the latest version of the software with the IRS changes it is impossible to file returns for your clients. What does that mean? This: Your hands are tied. You have to pay for expensive upgrades forever…

Here's my point: YOU are forced to pay them thousands of dollars every year…BEFORE you've made a cent for yourself or your family!

In other words: They own you! Without their expensive software, you don't have a business…

And you are held hostage by being forced to pay for updates year after year, every year, forever…and there's nothing you could do about it…

I say “could” because there is now a better way to easily get rid of your slavery to the greedy Tax software companies.

Here's what this is all about:

At the IRD Tax Forum

If it's not FREE, you are overpaying for your tax software

Hi, my name is Josue Duverna, and I have been a fellow tax preparer for more than a decade. I don't put myself out there too much but you might have heard me on 980 AM, 1580 AM, 1320 AM and 99.5 FM. I've built a great tax preparation business for myself and my family, but I almost didn't make it at all…let me share my story with you and see if it sounds familiar…

I was attending college in Atlanta for engeneering, when I went to H&R Block to get my taxes done. I wasn't satisfied: I was overcharged AND they riddled my taxes with mistakes.

So I went to my local post office and read Publication 17 from cover to cover, filed my taxes and feel in love with the business since then. 

I changed my major to business administration, and I became my own boss to provide for my family and also for my own freedom.

But that dream crashed down when I was faced with the reality of starting a Tax prep business:

I remember the terror I felt when I was $3300 in the red without having filed one single return. I told myself I would only feel this pain only once, but that wasn't the case…

Instead of waking up everyday feeling empowered, giving joy to my clients for maximizing their returns, I always felt a dark cloud looming above my head.

I've been doing this for years now, and the suffocating stress of coming up with a large sum up front NEVER leaves you, it is always there, whatever you do, especially after summer.

You know as well as I do, the sticker shock hits hard for preparers like you and me after summer, right?

Not only are you stressed about next season while being in the middle of the current one, you also bite your nails because of a nagging question….What if I can't come up with the money?

God forbid it's a slow season, or something happens after the season ends and you need the cash…you are essentially out of business if you cannot afford the software up front. I'm sad to say a few friends of mine had to close shop and go find a regular job to pay the bills.

This is not what you signed up for right? You signed up to be your own boss, to take charge of your life, so how come you have to pay someone else before you, year after year, every year, forever?

Well, the good news is: The days of such oppression for tax preparers are over.

Why? Because 2 years ago, tired of paying the tax software companies exhorbitant prices, I invested in my making my own software, Taxsoft 360 that I am offering you for free.

You are free to run your business with more options and money in the bank. But before getting into the nitty gritty I am sure you are wondering…

How can we afford to give you expensive software for FREE?

I know what you are thinking. You've probably heard it said that if something is too good to be true, it probably is, right? How can we possibly give you $3300 worth of software for free? The answer is, the software is FREE..for you the tax preparer. We take a tiny portion from the fees that your customers pays. 

You heard that right…your customers pay for you to run your business. How much better is that than you paying thousands of dollars every year, forever to a corporation that doesn't give two cents about you?

Your clients need their taxes done…THEY pay for it! You clients will not object because our fee is rolled into the bank fee, so it is invisible to them.

It's here that I must talk about a small caveat, Taxsoft 360 is free for MOST. The easy requirement is 50 bank product funded last year. If you didn't make 50, you can get it at $499. It's a tiny sum compared to $3300, but you can still get it free. How? Because I'll refund you that amount once you hit 50 for the current season. Another way to see it: after 50, it's free. Now let's get into…


How does this work?


Step 1

Sign up for free

Junk your old tax software, say goodbye to the shackles of expensive software and sign up for Taxsoft 360. We take you by the hand and lead you step by step trough the setup and conversion process. 

Step 2

File returns as usual

Start doing what you've always done and file the returns as you always did. The difference is knowing that you get to keep most of your fees, you don't have to think about paying us!

Step 3

Your client pays for you

And you are done! We get paid with the fees your customer pays. How liberating does it feel when your clients pays for YOU to do business? Kick back, relax there's nothing coming out of your pocket.

Result? More Freedom and more options in your business

There is absolutely nothing better than knowing your clients take care of paying for your Tax software. Nothing comes out of your pocket. The burden of having to separate yourself from a chunk of your paycheck is now gone forever. No more worries about next season when you are in the middle of one. Just imagine the freedom you have, the options that open before you because your money is finally free. You've just said good-bye to the part almost half of tax preparers HATE, having to pay for software. Join the rank of smart preparers that know they don't have to suck up to those companies. 

The only bad news is, now you will have to think…

What will you do with that money saved?

Taxsoft 360 saves you up to $3300 in your business. Now the hard part is knowing that to do with that extra money you save!

You can…

Splurge on yourself

Give yourself a treat, get the ting you've always wanted but had to hold back on because of your “Tax software” budget. Spend it on yourself, guilt-free. You are only limited by your imagination, there are hundreds of things you could get yourself (I'd go for a guitar), all courtesy of you old tax software company.

Invest it back into the business

You can put the money you would lose on software and win in your own business. Imagine how much more clients you can get lined up in front of your door because you invested in good advertisement. More money allows you to reach even more clients for your business.

Spoil your partner and kids

Imagine going home and holding something on your back. Your partner asks what it is…you show them a nicely wrapped gift. Imagine the look on their face when you bring home this toughful gift that shows you care. What about dropping in the kid's room and placing that toy they've been wanting right in the middle? Can you imagine the screams of exitement?


Get that vacation you've always wanted

The money you save could get you plane tickets to practically anywhere in the world, courtesy of your old Tax software company. You can sit back, relax and sip Piña Coladas on the hot sunny beaches of Costa Rica or even Thailand


If it's not FREE, you are overpaying for your tax software. The choice is yours…you could get money for yourself, money to invest skyrocketing your business, money to treat your family, money for traveling….or money to give to the Tax software company for every year of you life!

With Taxsoft 360 the money that goes to Tax software could be YOUR money to keep! How much can you save with us?

Warning, this just might upset you. It's one of the reasons I wanted to start my own software company. Remember that the Tax Software companies own you, you can pay $3300 for the software alone, but then you need the yearly updates to get the latest updates from the IRS. Here's the results…


With the newfound saved money you can…

Splurge it into something you've always wanted to get for yourself…

Save the money or invest it in getting even more clients to skyrocket your bottom line…

Get something toughtful for your partner or a special toy for your kids. They deserve it..imagine their surprise!

The money you save on your tax software is a ticket to almost anywhere in the world where your worries melt away

You end up paying up to $33,000 in 10 years for Tax software (That is the cost of $3300 every year, year after year, for 10 years). It doesn't matter if your reinvest it or splurge it, I'm sure you can think of something better to do than paying exhorbitant fees to a software company.

$33,000? You kidding me? With all that cash, you can obliterate your competition with ads. You can spend more time traveling all over the world, or simply feel good about NOT having to pay a cent out of your pocket to those greedy companies.

Heck you could redecorate your own office, whatever makes you happy. One thing is clear: $33,000 in 10 years are better in your pocket, being spent YOUR way, rather than making some greedy tax software company fat, right? Here's what we have to offer:

✅ Free complete tax software solutions

✅ Easy migrating Conversion tools

✅ Access multiple devices

✅ Comprehensive error diagnostic

✅ Access to accurate & timely research

✅ Cash Back Program 


✅ Referral member benefits
✅ Preferred member benefits
✅ Direct tax preparer support line

✅ Unlimited 24/7 Training Access
✅ Designed for Tax preparers
✅ Software Premiership Right


Choose your freedom package:

Taxsoft 360 is free for most. For a few cases a negligible fee is necessary, but it's only if you have under 50 bank products funded. This is a full fledged software that you get to use at no cost to you. Chose the package the most convenient for you:

Conveniently online or desktop

Taxsoft 360 is a complete, full fledged Tax preparation suite that is available both as an Online option or Desktop. 



That's not all: Get marketing advice for an avalanche of clients

Once you sign up with Taxsoft 360, I'll be giving you access to my team with 25+ years of knowledge in the tax business for free. My team will train your team, all for free. That's the 360 part in “Taxsoft 360”, it all resolves around making your life and business better and easier. How so? Like this:


✅ We will help you with a customized marketing plan that targets your niche of clients.

We will give you Professionally designed, done-for-you templates to flood your business with clients

✅ We will share our door bursting marketing secrets discovered after 25+ years in business

Why would I go out of my way to make my team and templates available to you? Part of it is because I know how hard business can be, but also because when you sign up Taxsoft 360 your best interest becomes *my* best interest. Remember the more returns you make, the more I make, so your success becomes my success…meaning I have vested interest to see you skyrocket your income!

The 360°  Guarantee

 Even if Taxsoft 360 is free, I still have a 360°  satisfaction guarantee in place, meaning I will do everything in my power to take care of you. Sounds a bit cliché, I know, but consider what happened last year:

It was before tax season, an a lady from North Florida signed up with us. She was as green as green come, and she was dead afraid of not setting up correctly. My team stayed on call with her a whopping 3 hours until she was confident going forward.

That's not all, every season, I personally jump on the phone for hours on end, just to give attention to tax preparers so that I can solve hard to resolve discrepancies and fixing rejects.

I am not claiming that I will be there personally for every call, my team will be, but I just wanted to impress upon you the level of attention and care you will receive from us.


Turn your Tax Software into a cash machine

I might be getting ahead of myself here. But once you sign up, you will have the option to partner with us. Whomever signs up for the software, you get part of the cut. The more tax returns they file, the more you make, all on automatic. It's like turning your tax software into a passive income machine.

I just sent one client a nice check of $3000, all he did was sign up a few other tax preparers and we did the rest. There's not much easier than signing up someone and see the money rolling in at the end of the year. Can you imagine instead of paying for Taxsoftware, the software pays YOU instead? You could end up adding 25% to 50% more to your bottom line.

Which Tax preparer are you?

I'm offering you free tax preparation software, my team ready to reveal client-attracting marketing secrets, all for free. At this point there is only two types of tax preparers.

The first goes back to the old way of doing things, being ok taken hostage by software companies and paying them year after year, every year, forever. They accept to worry about next season even when they are mid-season. They accept not having enough money for paying for ads and are ok having less money in their pockets.

The other prepare is like John Dean a preparer fom Orlando that used to pay $2,700 for his tax sofware when he contacted us. He thought we were joking, he just couldn't believe he could get rid of the burden of tax software for free. He called us up to make sure we were real people, and gave us a try. He made more this year because he had more clients, because Taxsoft 360 gave him the freedom to get more ads. He was so extatic that he referred 5 other offices to us.

Ditch your old tax software now, and jump in a new way to do business. And remember,  if it's not free, you are overpaying for your tax software. Hit the button below and get started to your path of freedom:


Please note:
– Savings claim are based on the current price of Popular software
– Income claims are atypical. Results may vary

Please note:
– Taxsoft 360 is free for most. Basic requirement is 50 bank products funded
– Taxsoft 360 is a registered trademark